Turkish Panorama
Photography from Turkey by Nurcan Azaz

Cumhuriyet newspaper Pazar magazine, Sunday Dec 16 2007

Translation of the article to English:
Panorama Photographs

Photographer, Nurcan Azaz, has been working with 360 degree multi-level and spherical panoramas. Panorama photography has been widely used abroad in the advertisement sector for the introduction of hotels, real estates, restaurants, museums, municipalities, and automobiles. Panoramas offer effective three dimensional visuals on the internet. This allows various places to be enjoyed throughout the world. Therefore, Azaz works to make panorama photography well known and widespread in Turkey .
Azaz has been releasing panorama photographs on the web at www.turkishpanorama.com. She prepared this site in English to contribute to the introduction of Turkey with images for others abroad. In addition, she regularly attends and contributes panoramas with www.worldwidepanorama.com. This site brings together international panorama photographers. Azaz states that there are just a few professional colleagues from Turkey represented, so she is hoping more will attend this site. In one month's time, nearly one thousand people, who are mostly abroad, have been visiting Azaz's internet site.

Cumhuriyet newspaper, Saturday Oct 20 2006

Translation of the article to English:
The success of Nurcan Azaz

The work of Nurcan Azaz, a photography artist creating 360 degree multi-level panorama photography has been released on www.worldwidepanorama.com which is an international panorama site, collecting together photographers who are fond of panorama. The subject of Azaz's work which was released on the mentioned site is transportation. Besides Azaz has opened an internet site named www.turkishpanorama.com . Azaz stated that she is happy to contribute to the introduction of her country by her works.

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